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When it comes to sensitive and personal matters such as divorce, custody, and support, the needs of professional sports figures, high-profile, and high-asset individuals are complex.

In the wrong hands, the details of a family law issue can become public. This will cause unnecessary stress and potentially have a negative impact on personal branding and endorsement opportunities. It is important to work with an experienced team of professionals who understand what is at stake, who know how to handle sensitive issues and who have the skill to effectively manage personal and financial concerns.

Rudolph & Associates LLC represents many professional athletes in every area of sport.  Understanding the unique issues that arise in the family law context is critical to negotiating and resolving situations.  The professional athlete is compensated in various ways and paid very differently depending on the contract.  Recognizing the time limitations an athlete has because of the seasonal requirements and training is critical in the context of addressing time-sharing.  Understanding an athlete’s career time horizon is also a significant factor to be considered.

A Premier Team Of Attorneys

At Rudolph & Associates LLC, our family law legal professionals have extensive experience handling A-list clients. We know how to best preserve our client’s privacy and assets.

With over three decades of success resolving complex family law issues, we guide our clients and their representatives smoothly with discretion through the divorce process. Your privacy is of the utmost importance when handling your personal legal matters.

The Resources, Experience And Discretion You Need In Paternity Cases

The firm handles paternity matters all over the country and knows how to resolve matters quickly and confidentially.  It is critical that once a professional athlete becomes aware that he or she may be a father or mother that the firm is engaged.  Each state has different laws governing time sharing and in particular child support.  Depending on various jurisdictional issues, the amount of child support required to be paid can vary tenfold.  At our firm, we know how strategize these issues to protect the athlete and ensure appropriate support for a child.  We also address ancillary matters related thereto.

Addressing Other Family Law Concerns

We can assist with a number of other family law issues:

  • High-asset divorce, division of multiple properties and business owner divorce
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in Florida and other states
  • Child custody and child support issues
  • Family law issues involving high-profile clients

The attorneys at our West Palm Beach law firm have decades of experience representing high-profile clients, including business owners, golfers, and professional football, basketball and baseball players. We are licensed in many states and serve clients across the country.

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