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These agreements can limit future litigation, potentially saving money and reducing stress

Why A Prenuptial Agreement Is A Good Idea

While we would like to believe that marriage is a guarantee of happily ever after, the fact is that 50% of marriages in this country will end in divorce.

However, studies show that when couples enter a marriage in a state of full disclosure and with a contingency plan, such as a prenuptial agreement, those marriages have a higher success rate.

Customizing Pre- And Postnuptial Agreements

While some issues, such as child support, are state-mandated issues, that involve division of real property obtained during the marriage, are not. Property division and other issues can be negotiated and agreed upon in a prenuptial agreement (before the marriage) or postnuptial agreement (at any time after the marriage has taken place).

Florida has strict guidelines in maintaining the enforceability of these agreements. The premier marital law team at Rudolph & Associates has considerable experience in drafting agreements and overseeing the process. We work with you to understand the scope of what you bring to the marriage and your goals, should the marriage last less than a lifetime. Our attorneys will create a legally valid and properly executed agreement.

Build Your Union On A Solid Foundation

Work with the proven team of prenuptial attorneys. Get the tools you need to ensure your financial interests are protected in the manner you require. Our team of Board Certified lawyers are licensed to practice throughout Florida and a host of other states. We can advise you on the laws and protocols that pertain to you in your location.

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