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A Team That Understands Foreign Appraisal

Clients with significant business holdings in other countries, and who have complex international finances require the services of divorce attorneys who understand, not only the process, but also foreign appraisal.

At Rudolph & Associates, we understand that an accurate valuation is critical. We therefore use specialists, including forensic accountants and international banking and financial experts whenever prudent.

The Four Steps To International Asset Division

There are four basic steps to asset division involving offshore accounts or international properties. Those include:

  1. Disclosure of all marital assets
  2. Identification of all relevant assets
  3. Valuation of assets and accounts
  4. Equitable distribution of assets

It is important to obtain an accurate estimate of the total value of your estate so that you are able to negotiate a fair agreement. We work with you to ensure all four steps are effectively completed.

Work With A Highly Skilled And Trained Team

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