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Sophisticated Representation For Complex Asset Divorce

A marriage that involves significant assets such as multiple properties, stocks, trusts, businesses or liquid financial assets requires a special focus and a team that knows what they are doing.

The circumstances of each spouse, the value and marketability of the assets, and the potential tax consequences all need to be considered when dividing multiple marital assets. Any previous agreements must also be reviewed.

Work With A Seasoned High-Asset Team

At Rudolph & Associates LLC, we have assisted many clients in high-asset or complex asset divorces, including:

  • Corporate executives
  • Professional athletes
  • Legal and medical professionals
  • Owners of multiple businesses or properties
  • High-profile clients

The most crucial aspect of a complex asset divorce is the discovery and valuation of the business, properties or assets. We use forensic accountants, financial experts and other professionals whenever prudent to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Experienced And Proven Professionals

A divorce can create new worry and stress regarding how the division of assets will affect your lifestyle, business ventures and opportunities, and financial future. The experienced team at Rudolph & Associates LLC will give you the support and information you need to obtain the most favorable outcome. Call [561] 655-1901.