Month: January 2023

What is permanent alimony?

During a divorce, the court can award spousal support. One spouse will pay the other money to help him or her financially. It may occur during or after the divorce process as there are a few different alimony options in Florida. One specific way the court may set...

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Parenting plan violations in Florida

Getting a divorce can lead to various challenges if you have kids. Aside from child support, you could experience serious problems due to parenting plan violations. Whether your ex accuses you of violating your time-sharing schedule or you cannot spend time with your...

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What is birdnesting?

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce with children, after breaking the news, is figuring out living situations. If you are at the beginning of your divorce process, you likely need some space from your ex in order to plan for your next steps. However, you...

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