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Financial support and custody arrangements depend on a wide array of factors

Because Your Children Are Your First Priority

Children are the top concern for any parent. While the types of concerns you have for your child may change, we understand that their well-being is a lifelong priority.

Two processes that can have a profound impact on children are custody (who the children live with and who makes decisions about their lives) and support (how the children receive the money and material things they need to thrive).

Like you, our compassionate team of family law professionals know that your child’s health, safety, education and welfare are what you worry about most and want to protect.

When it comes to children, our commitment is to their best interest. Our knowledgeable legal guidance is tempered with compassion. The experienced team at Rudolph & Associates always puts children first. We give our fullest commitment toward their best present and to their best future.

5 Important Elements Of Florida Child Time-Sharing Law

In 2008, Florida’s child custody laws were modified. Currently parenting plans must be clearly established. This means:

  • Any plan you create must establish time-sharing arrangements
  • Your plan must include the means of communication
  • Plans must detail the decision-making responsibility
  • Parenting plans may be modified where there is a substantial change in circumstances
  • Plans may also be modified when it is in the child’s best interest to implement a modification

As a family law firm with licenses to practice in many states, we handle cases in Florida and across the country. We can advise you on the laws and protocols that pertain to you in your location.

Ensure Your Children Get The Attention They Deserve

We are an established team of family law attorneys who take our work seriously. We understand that the decisions made today can have an impact that lasts a lifetime. This is why we always consider the effect changes have on children.

We will assist your family through the Florida child custody and child support process. Call 561-655-1901 and speak with a member of our team to find out how we can provide the expertise, experience and guidance that is best for your children.